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Role of Social Media in Changing the Information Management of an Organization

In the modern business world, possessing the right information at the right time is the most important thing and has no substitute. It has been observed that organizations have made serious efforts in developing and improving the information management systems in the past few decades. Organizations made these efforts in order to make availability and accessibility of the information easier within organizations. The modern trend regarding information systems is concerned with collecting information and after processing that information, distributing the information of useful nature in the organization. The organizations have been keen on developing information systems in this regard in order to improve on planning and decision making which will eventually help in achieving better results.

From the previous researches on the topic, it has been observed and stated that information systems hold a key position in the modern organizations. Managing information is the key for an organization to improve on many aspects. Researchers have stated that the flow of right information in the organization is very essential and is pivotal to enhance the performance of the organization drastically. Besides that this aspect can also help organizations in achieving the desired objectives easily and without any distortion.

However, only the relevant information can help the organization in enhancing performance and achieving desired results as irrelevant information cannot be helpful and there is no point in managing and processing irrelevant information. Indeed, this is an important area to address as organizations have an abundance of information that can be relevant and irrelevant and identifying the useful information is a challenge.

Therefore, the role of information management becomes apparent in this regard which help organizations in managing and processing only the relevant information. Information management allows the availability of relevant information in a clear manner to the organizations, making it precise that can be easily used.

According to Langemo, information management is the organization wide capability that allows organizations to create and maintain information and after retrieving that information focusing on making the availability of the information immediate and rapid. However, the key aspects to cover in this regard are that only the right information is shared and at the right time, allowing only the right and relevant people to access it. This whole process must be cost effective as well as transferred through the best medium that can allow organizations to easily utilize the information in decision making (Langemo, 1980).

On the other hand, Best defines information management as the tool to enhance the performance of the organization leveraging the internal and external sources. However, this asks for effective, efficient and economic coordination among the factors that produce and control information, make efforts to store information and most importantly recover and distribute the information within organizations (Best, 1988).

Social media has transformed the world in major areas and emerged as one of the greatest internet innovations of the 21st century. Social media has offered multiple benefits to the individuals as well as the organizations and have helped the organizations in many ways. As a medium, it has been quite helpful in sharing and accessing information, communication, and many other key areas and has been quite successful in improving the communication channel (Mangold, 2009).

Therefore, the usage of social media has exceeded tremendously around the globe and has multiple ways that it is being used. The modern era suggests that people are using social media platforms as the network to expand their social network, communicate around the globe in a cheap and rapid manner, the platform to express feelings, ideas, and views, share information, and medium initiate business opportunities. These are some important areas that have improved rapidly with the passage of time and the advent of social media (Kaplan, 2010).

However, the organizations have been assessing this opportunity to utilize social networking and professional networking sites to manage information and leverage these platforms in information management. The idea is illustrated that an organization wants to retrieve and distribute information within the organization and email has been quite effective and important platforms for this purpose (Waters, 2009).Final Assessment Case Solution

However, social media offers more rapid and immediate communication than emails and organizations seeking to increase information sharing within an organization can utilize this aspect clearly. Apart from that, a social networking platform within the organization can be established that allows the employees and the staff members to communicate and share information (DiStaso, 2011). ...............

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