Decisions by Design: Stop Deciding, Start Designing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Lately, designers approached through investigation and have been using their skills to a host of issues that were once the terrain of business strategists. With this change has come the apprehension that a design-based strategy, or 'design thinking', is nicely suited to handling some of the most complex challenges organizations face.

The authors, both of whom work for famous design company IDEO, claim that the first step is for supervisors to comprehend the differences in the ways that designers and they go about solving issues. Supervisors, they say, tend to follow an extremely analytical procedure, making choices by understanding all of the available choices and rigorously determining the best path. By comparison, designers learning as they go, prototype and iterate notions and often developing new ideas and comprehension of the problem along the way. They detail the designer's approach - which comprises embracing restraints and 'building to determine', showing how this leads to 'evolution through design'.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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Decisions by Design: Stop Deciding, Start Designing

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