FAMILY FINANCIAL PLAN Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


My role is to analyze their financial position as a financial advisor to the family in terms of the inflow and outflow of the income.

This will require adopting the most feasible expenditure structure as per their income standards and their future goals with respect to the well-being and financial stability of the family. As a financial advisor to the family, it is my responsibility to identify the strengths and opportunities for the family while also addressing their issues and concerns in the long-term.

This will require assessing their insurance plans, investment options and future savings for the children so as to protect the future of the children and the family even if one or both of the parents are dead.


There are several variables that can be judged as the critical success factors for the family.The most critical success factor for the family members is to reduce the expenses of the family in order to increase the savings for their retirement fund and life insurance,which will likely facilitate their children if one of them or both are dead in the future. The priority of the family is to adopt a plan that is comprehensive enough to address all these concerns and issues for them therefore, any financial plan that is introduced or prepared for the family must address all these critical success factors for both Joel and Amber.


The mortgage rate that the family is currently paying is quite higher than the present market rates and the health care insurance plan of both Joel and Amber is not comprehensive enough to cover the insurance of all the major diseases for the all the family members of the family.

Another issue for both the parents is to adopt the most feasible savings structure to ensure their well-being after retirement and savings for their children education.



The comprehensive analysis of the case study reveals that Joel and Amber are considering three modes of investments for their extra income and future of their family and these three modes of investment that the family is considering are savings, bonds and mutual funds. The family is also skeptical about sustaining a single segment based investment plan or a diversified investment plan.

An insight of the financial situation of the family in terms of their annual and monthly income reveals that their sources of revenues or income are limited and it is quite low, therefore investing in the exchange trade funds might prove to be counter-productive for the family as it has severe potential risks.

Although the economy of the country is stable presently however, it has the potential to tilt both ways positively or negatively.Diverting the resources of the family towards this mode of investment might prove to be counter-productive as the income of the family is quite low.

The nature of the issues that the family is facing along with their income levels signifies the importance of maintaining a diversified investment plan.It will diversify the risks for the family and reduce their dependency on a single investment plan along with its implications; positive or negative................

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