Fisk Alloy Wire and Percon Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Fisk was a private specialty alloy wire mill with facilities in Hawthorne, New Jersey, and Oriskany, New York. Business focused on the development and production of copper alloy wire for electronic components and wires. Fisk Alloy was developed copper alloy wire, which was free of cadmium (cadmium was a known carcinogen, affecting both treatment and disposal), and met with the characteristics of strength, thermal conductivity, and elongation, which identified high performance cables. Product family, called Percon, was introduced to the market around the time of the European Union adopted Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and waste-related electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) directive. The total market potential for Percon not really know, because it can potentially be used in a wide range of applications. Fisk alloy was determined to be the best in their niche industry, but not necessarily the biggest. The Office recognizes that the determination of how to grow slowly and opportunistically or aggressively take balanced with the realities of the market opportunities and potential issues associated with the production. "Hide
by Susan F. Sieloff, Raymond M. Kinnunen Source: North American Case Research Association (NACRA) 17 pages. Publication date: April 26, 2010. Prod. #: NA0013-PDF-ENG

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