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“Use of Multiple Alternative Energy Technologies”


New York is a city with abundant natural resources for its energy generation. It has wind power to generate electricity as well as water for hydro electricity generation. Moreover, it has ground resources and solar resources for energy generation.
With the pace of technological development, the use of energy has become a vital part of the modern life. It could be considered that if one wakes up finds that there is no electricity at their home, it is obvious that it would be a power breakdown and as a result, this will frustrate the people affected by the breakdown especially for people in New York where all resources are available.
The energy through fossils fuel is not ever lasting because the resources are not renewable; they are limited and will not be permanent source for energy. The technology is evolving and it has made it more convenient and feasible to make and consume energy through different renewable energy sources for our new modern energy-intensive economy.
New York has already started making use of such renewable resources for energy production. This source has been currently providing about 11% of the total energy needs of the city. According to the estimation, these alternative energy resources have the potential to satisfy 40% energy needs in the coming 20 years.However, this requires extensive investment in infrastructure includes up gradation of distribution systems.

Why use alternative renewable energy technologies?

There are many other reasons for the need to use alternative rather than relying on fossils fuel for energy generation.
Green house effects
Renewable energy sources are more environment friendly. They have much less emission than those of fossil fuels generation. Low emissions work as stabilizers for the greenhouse gases. The air pollution will be reduced and these will also result in good public health and healthy lifestyle.

Cost effective

The alternative energy resources such as solar energy are almost free as they only equipment and devices for energy conversion. This free fuel helps in reduction of the cost for energy generation, which will consequently lower the impact on the population for energy usage bill. This will satisfy the increasing energy needs in a cost effective manner.

Energy As a last resort

An example of power failure could be considered due to any incident in the traditional power generation unit such as hydro or thermal then there new able energy resource can be the last resort to be used in these situations.

Economic stability

With less costly energy generation, there will be more savings in the economy on both the national and household level. With more money to be spent, the government would work on public projects and stabilize the economy as a whole. In addition, the living standards will improve.


Photovoltaic uses the sunlight directly for making electricity. Usually PV cells are used to make electricity by consuming heat energy. Moreover, sunlight consists of little particles called photons. These photons are absorbed by this solar PV cells to make energy. PV cells have a negative layer that absorbs these photons. When the required number of photons is absorbed by this layer, the electrons are made free from semiconductor material. As a result of manufacturing process of the positive layer, electrons migrate to this positive layer that creates a voltage differential. When two layers connect to an external load then the electrons flow through the circuit, as a result creating electricity. Each solar cell can produce 1-2 watts of electricity. Usually cells are combined to increase the output. These combined cells are called solar module. These modules are then wired up in series called solar array. The combined output of this solar array crates a desired level of energy to be used by the consumer.
These solar power cells are environment friendly;as they create no emission as well as 0% pollution. They use silicon in the manufacturing, which is in abundant as a natural resource. This source uses the solar energy that is free and is permanent source of energy.......................

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