Facing Up to a Changing World Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

How much time do you dedicate to think about the big issues that can affect your personal and professional life in the next 20 years? If you're like many busy executives, not so much. However, from a global perspective, perhaps darker than during the lowest point of the credit crisis, to bury your head in the sand is no answer. Of course, it is better to be prepared for a large global trends on the horizon, and determine the best course of action to take, based on sound assessment of the basic facts and in-depth consideration of the possible results. In this article, the author highlights 12 global trends that he feels will be a significant obstacle in the coming years. He then presents practical tools for building the main threats and maximize opportunities that may be relevant to your - and your company - the future health and prosperity "Hide
. by Adrian Done Source: IESE-Insight Magazine 8 pages. Publication Date: March 15, 2012. Prod. #: IIR067-PDF-ENG

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Facing Up to a Changing World

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