Implementing lean operations at Caesar Casino’s Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Implementing lean operations at Caesar Casino’s Case Study Solution 

Problem statement:

Hirsch, the senior vice president and general manager of Harrah’s Metropolis Casino and Hotel is not satisfied from the operation management and the activities that are carried out at Harrah’s Metropolis Casino. The casino has been relocated; renovations were also taken place to deal with the competition. Hirsch wanted to create an over-all entertainment experience at the casino that is not just gaming but a complete package of pure entertainment activities that the customers could get, he wanted to implement lean operations practice at the casino, so that there would be no miscommunication among the departments and the processes would beeasily understood. The pillars of lean manufacturing are analyzed and implemented to bring value to the customers of the casino.

Situation analysis:

After the change that has been put forward by the neighboring laws, and the changes that have been made, that has put a question mark to traditional gaming and allowed limited gaming to the customers. Harrah’s casinos are eager to provide great customer entertainment experience by making the structure of their organization following all the principles of lean operations, that would enable them to compete with their competitors in a very good manner. After implementing the lean objectives at the other destinations of the same casino, Hirsch is of the view to make things applicable to metropolis, so that the issues that has added to cost, more than the value can be analyzed and changes are made accordingly.

To perform the operations more effectively and to bring the positive changes in the environment, the addition of an expert has been made that overlooked the Mississippi operations and is in good position to look after the matters going on at metropolis location. They are so much conscious about the customer’s satisfaction and maintaining good operation practices is evident from the fact that the score card practice, they usually perform at tunica. The main purpose of applying lean procedures wasto reduce waste from metropolis as well, as the system was successful at tunica and Mississippi as well. The team constructed for the purpose wassmall, given that having scarce labor force and not plenty full of hours to reconstruct the mechanism of metropolis. A unique team of experts had been given the chance to show their expertise, and show that how the combination of all could resolve the problems faced by the company, in case of supply chain management and other operational issues, that could only be resolved through effective planning and operational strategy.

The workshops made the team to collect the facts related to the casino, which made them to identify the facts that affects the customers satisfaction and falls in the category of waste, the acronym, DOWNTIME, that has made to cater all the issues was very helpful in the identification of waste that made the environment suffer. Moreover, the process identified, by using spaghetti diagram by the participants can be used in numerous ways to add value to the processes and operations. The other thing pointed out by the Kaiser meeting results was that, the excessive use of paper that can be avoided to reduce waste from the atmosphere as well as from the processes.............

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