Akbank Part B: Its a Young Country Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Changes in the external environment and internal reactions to these changes demonstrate the impact of public policy and management at the strategic and tactical options for companies - the government's decision could lead to unexpected threats, and provide unprecedented opportunities for business. This case looks at the provision of financial services in the banking system is weak and ineffective, and when the liquid solvent and highly competitive, through the prism adaptation Akbank in the development of the banking sector in Turkey. Of particular interest is the effect on the financial depth and financial integration between the commercial banks to bring their internal capabilities with external opportunities. Film component (soon) provides a deeper understanding of both Turkey and Akbank in 2008 to better understand the context of the strategic and operational options Akbank's. It depicts the dynamics of Turkey and Akbank, as well as Akbank addiction and convince potential customers that can lead to missed opportunities in the provision of financial services to low-income families and family businesses. HKS Case Number 1912.0 "Hide
by Jay K. Rosengard Source: Harvard Kennedy School 33 pages. Publication Date: January 27, 2010. Prod. #: HKS118-PDF-ENG

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Akbank Part B: Its a Young Country

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