The Brain Behind the Big, Bad Burger and Other Tales of Business Intelligence Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Brain Behind the Big, Bad Burger and Other Tales of Business Intelligence Case Solution

Question No: 1

Times have changed since businesses and restaurants were run on intuition and experience. Now because of advancement in information technology and increasing development in business leading to increased competition and cost and leaving slim margins for profit. Companies no longer need to depend on intuition to conduct their business. They can incorporate business intelligence which empowers the company to solve its problems based on fact gathered by analytical data to provide insight into the company to reduce its business and financial risk. Furthermore, business intelligence software gives other benefits to a company including secure access to data, more accurate information, identification of problem areas and quick response time, more effective inventory monitoring while enhancing the company's overall market analysis. Therefore a BI function is necessary for any business or restaurant to increase its profitability and sales. CPR consisted of a Microsoft SQL Server database used Microsoft to develop and display information. The key to successful BI software is that it should provide data that give insight into the company. For this reason, CPR used econometric models which took into consideration 44 factors including the weather, holiday, coupon activity, discounting, free giveaways and new products. The information gathered from the econometric model provided context to the data and explained the company's performance. Furthermore, the company derived benefit by using effective and efficient business intelligence software. This provided the company with analytical data bringing insight into the company’s affairs, while the company used this data to formulate and implement effective strategies that benefited the company’s present and future activities. Because of this reason, CPR rescued CKE on the brink of bankruptcy by increasing sales and saving million by decreasing the cost of sales.

 Question No: 2

Business intelligence was implemented poorly; then it can be a waste of time and money for CKE. Therefore it can negatively impact the company's profitability. Furthermore, if the information or data collected by the software by conducting analytical procedure does not provide a context to the data gathered or if the data collected does not give an insight into the company's affairs to assess and evaluate the current situation of the enterprise, then the data is useless. This lead the company to incur a cost of implementing, operating and maintaining the business intelligence software without reaping the benefits associated with the software. This increased the cost of the company's business intelligence activity while decreasing the revenues generated by the corporation.

Question No: 3

The common forms of data-mining analysis are:

  1. Cluster analysis: It is a technique used to divide the sets of information generated by collecting the data into mutually exclusive groups so that the members of similar groups are as close to each other as possible and the member of different groups are as far apart as possible. It segments customer information to identify clients with similar behavioral patterns. Furthermore, uncovers and assesses the patterns occurring naturally.
  2. Association Detection: Is a technique used to determine the likelihood of an event occurring with another event or following each other in a logical progression.
  3. Statistical Analysis: Is a technique used to perform functions that correlate information. Collecting data from every sample in a set of item and scrutinizing it into segments, so that the data can be used to conduct further analysis to reach a set of information that gives a meaningful insight into the company's affairs.

The company can use these forms of data mining tools to its benefit. Where the corporation could use cluster analysis to determined and differentiate between its repetitive customers, former customers, and non-customers and after the company has differentiated between the different segments of customers. It could formulate implement effective marketing strategies to target the former customer and non customers to convert them into repetitive clients of the company...........................

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