Refining Virtual Co-Creation from a Consumer Perspective Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This paper clarifies the virtual co-creation from a social point of view of exchange. It seems that in participating in the virtual new activities, product development, why they do it, and what they expect from their participation. Consumer research from 10 different virtual co-creation projects provides an understanding of what, how, and with whom the consumers want to interact with participation in virtual co-creation projects. This shows that consumers' co-creation expectations differ in various aspects, such as the preferred partner of interaction, the intensity and the degree of participation and consumer motivation. This analysis identifies several types of participation motives, remuneration, recognition, challenge, self-interest and curiosity, which help to explain the different expectations of consumers. Participants also differ in their personal characteristics and expectations with respect to the virtual co-creation. The article also provides practical guidance on the design of the virtual co-creation platform award. "Hide
by Johann Fuller Source: California Management Review 26 pages. Publication Date: 01 February 2010. Prod. #: CMR449-PDF-ENG

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Refining Virtual Co-Creation from a Consumer Perspective

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