Facebook, Inc.: The Initial Public Offering Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the May 16th 2012, the mostly anticipated pricing of the Facebook Inc.’s IPO was in process. CXTechnology Fund’s analyst was getting ready to converse to the lead underwriter related to his final interest in the deal.

The analyst had re-evaluated the competitive landscape, its lucrative business model and also Facebook's exceptional growth for social networking segment of the industry. The IPO appeared oversubscribed with heavy interest from retail and institutional investors equally, but the valuation looked pricey by the technology benchmark. The analyst required to make a pronouncement on whether to purchase shares in the IPO or not. A worksheet for pupils is accessible, product 7B12N031.

PUBLICATION DATE: January 25, 2013 PRODUCT #: W12453-HCB-ENG

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Facebook, Inc.: The Initial Public Offering

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