I Paid a Bribe (Dot) Com Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The ipaidabribe.com portal then collects this information to produce maps and charts of tainted activities across Indian cities.

The theory is the fact that such data will develop shame and knowledge, raising the cost of corruption. But after first successes-buoyed by visibility created in 2011 from mass street demonstrations against corruption -traffic to the website has slowed. The inquiry before partners, ex-bankers, and ipaidabribe.com co-founders Ramesh and Swati Ramanathan is the way to generate and sustain interest in the internet platform so that they have real impact on retail corruption in India. Potential options discussed include teaming up with local governments and authorities, focusing attention on one or two Indian cities, and franchising ipaidabribe.com internationally to create more visibility.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about FINANCE & ACCOUNTING

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