KWS (B): In Full Bloom – Independence And Continuity Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1571 © 2008
Schwass; Joachim; Ward, John; Lief, Colleen

KWS SAAT AG (KWS) was an organizer in sugar beet; corn and cereal seed breeding; in service in 70 nations; using over 2; 700 individuals and reporting profits of $724 million in FY 2006/07. Through the years; the 2 households ran the company together and moved through succeeding generations of hands-on management. The households' viewpoint formed the foundation of the company's core values.

The possibility to guarantee the households' monetary future for generations to come was appealing. The household leader saw retirement on the horizon. How could the household make sure that their values would continue to assist the company's operations; even possibly in the absence of day-today household management?

Subjects: Industry consolidation; Change; Strategy; Corporate culture; Joint ventures; Leadership transition; Family business
Settings: Germany; Global; Seed cultivation and trait development for agricultural industry; US$724 million revenues in 2006/07; 2005 (1856-2008)

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KWS (B): In Full Bloom – Independence And Continuity

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