BBVA: From Selling Services to Being a Brand Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

BBVA: From Sellingo Services to Being a Brand  Case Slution


BBVA, a bank just recently produced through the combination of BBV and Argentaria, has actually just recently experienced a decrease in client fulfillment, a major cause for issue to the chairman. The case provides the branding work done at BBVA and positions a number of alternative brand positions that are being thought about by BBVA. The case's choice attention is on selecting amongst the placing options and the advancement of both a method to interact the identification and placing to customers along with to workers, with higher focus on the latter.


Pedagogical Goals:

On the contrary, a brand engages the whole company. The function of the case is twofold: 1) to offer a chance to analyze how one can get here at a brand placing platform and 2) to make individuals believe about how one may interact the brand placing inside within a big company. The case can likewise be utilized to articulate possible methods of carrying out the placing with the bank's customers.

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published: 01 Oct 2006

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BBVA: From Selling Services to Being a Brand

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