Express Scripts: Promoting Prescription Drug Home Delivery Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Express Scripts: Promoting Prescription Drug Home Delivery Case Study Solution


The case illustrates importance of determining the role of a drug service provided,which focused on order through online services instead of utilizing the retail services. However, the difference between these categories was quite noticeable as the new services would be less costly as compared to the older one. Also, the mail order prescription would consume more time to provide the relevant services to the patients as compared to the retail order that would take less time.

On the other side, there was a particular circumstance that a new system would be consider less favourable to the organization because the less change would build a huge outcome of the results. Moreover, the new system might not involve appropriate decisions regardingsatisfying the patients’ needs as it will take more time to perform the services. Furthermore, some analysis would consider a high-cost cut on the mail order prescription because it would not involve physical utilization of the psychiatrist and the patients thus to reduce the additional cost of arriving or meeting in a place.

So, this sort of extra cost would also eliminate the overall maintenance and utilization costs overtime. The structure of copayment would also tend to reduce as compared to the retail structure. Therefore, with all these possible outcomes, it has been analyzed that the new system might be considered suitable for Express Scripts because it involves proper structuring pattern of the copayment as well as operational concerns. So, it is concluded that the more prescribed individuals would register, the more profits and services the firm could make to satisfy its overall mission and vision overtime.

In addition, the organization might focus on the changing patterns of the copayment if the situation would not be consideredfavourable for the Express Script. Thus, it is said that promoting the prescription drug of the home delivery would be preferable for the firm’s growth and that could lead to increase the competitive advantage over other players in the particular industry.

Situational Analysis/Background

The primary theme of the situation was to convert the retail order system to the mail system that would allow decreasing the overall costs associated with the prescription and the co payment structure. However, the situation was in favour to Express Script because it showed the increasing demand of the related patients over time. The treatment of the medication was complex in retail order system of co payment, and that’s why the organization was trying to shift towards the other system that would be able to generate the operational efficiency as well as increase the size of the patients to boost the profit margins.

So, the primary concern was to develop a system for which the total costs would be minimized over time and to increase the level of prescribed patients to maintain the system of mail order under control. On the other hand, there were also several disadvantages of using the mail order system. The first disadvantage was the over utilization of time that would not allow the patients to take emergency treatment as compared to the retail order system. Moreover, the other disadvantage was the changing patterns of the system that would be hard to predict over time.

It also means that if the co payment structure of mail order would slightly change to a minimum level, then it can be said that the overall outcome of the results would change frequently higher than expected. However, such possibly was at the lowest standard of the retail order system. Therefore, it can be said that the biggest problem for the organization was to make sure that the system would have the positive and negative consequences for the operational performance. So, it is concluded that Bob Nease (Chief Scientist at Express Scripts) was focusing on the relationships between these two systems and their potential benefits for the firm in the long run.

Therefore, it shows that if Express Scripts would implement the new system then it should maintain the demand of the related patients and try to adopt the new program under which the emergency treatments would be made correctly. In the particular situation, it was determined that the mail order system only lacks more time to serve the patients. If the emergency criteria would be followed, then it is hard to implement this sort of system because patients would be eager to merge with the treatment scenario on immediate basis instead of waiting too much until they would suffer other problems.

Thus, it is concluded that timing is more important for prescription and treatment of the patients and that would allow increasing the potential impact on operational efficiency over time regarding real considerations. So, it can be determined that these type of processes would allow maintaining the firm’s performance in the long-term. Also, to increase the demand of the potential patients to quickly prescribe the services upon benefits. If these sort of decisions would implement timely, then it is said that Express Scripts would determine itself as a viable entity regarding increasing its competitive advantage....................

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