Environmental economics essay Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Environmental economics essay Case Study Solution


The improvement in the urban environment become necessary after the depletion of the ozone layer and the increased number of toxicants that are there in the urban environments, that affects many of the inhabitant of such an environment that do not utilize public and environmental goods in the best possible way. Trees are one of the main natural resource that would provide benefits to the people of the urban environments that are surrounded by latest technologies and advancements that has made the life cycle of the people concentrated to those arenas, compromising their health and giving least importance to improve the socio economic environment by an effective utilization and planning regarding the economic natural resources of the world.

Urban forestry is one of the very important measure that could be used to take advantages of the plantation and using appropriate researches to find out the best way of utilizing the urban forestry for economic- wellbeing of urban society.  The concept of urban forestry is too wide and enhanced in the scope, its proper understandability and effective utilization would lead any of the urban population to get the benefits of the natural resources that are there to provide some raw benefits and protect the people from some environmental issues. Urban forestry relates to the management of the trees population in urban setting to improve the urban environment, the main constituent is the effective management of trees and planting trees in such a way that would enable the urban population to get its benefits in the most appropriate way. Many researches are undertaken to make effective measures to utilize the natural resources in the best of the ways for people and making such changes that would reduce the effects of urbanization. With the increased urbanization, the plantation of trees in the urban settlements are also increased. The two words that can be used interchangeably is urban forestry and environmental forestry. The environmental goods are utilized and transformed to increase the productivity of urban forestry by making suitable and innovative changes to add value in the physiological and sociological advantages to the society. (Professor)

The research proposal is to find out the techniques and methods that are most appropriate for utilizing the public goods advantageously and finding out the methods to obtain the sustainable solutions for preserving the benefits of the green environment and to make suitable long run solutions to recycle the waste materials in an effective way, i.e. to use the wood and other constituents that are readily available after the successful plantation of the trees. The effective utilization of timber to create economic utility and public value that could make improvements over the time. (cramer, 2004)

The reference article that is used to form the base of the analysis has utilized the different model to evaluate the merits of the public goods and the effectiveness of urban forestry. Using contingent valuation survey, the article articulates the public response when the forests and urban areas are destroyed without taking account the explicit value that is attached with the forests and ultimate beneficial forestry. The assessments of the public reaction on that measure that is helpful for the policy makers and regulators to assess the patterns and to make certain changes in making the urban forestry and economic goods management system more appropriate and uniform. Furthermore, the changes that are more realistic and could be more useful to make efficient changes in policy structures and identifying the key variables to utilize the environmental goods more effectively creating public utility and taking those steps that are best to approach the current urbanization change. Making technological changes and approaching the methods to increase the sustainability measures are the key points and the key areas that forms the approachable results and certain conclusions that are helpful for the future policy makers to proceed in the certain direction. (Wolf, 2004)

The valuation of the economic and environmental goods needs special consideration in order to identify the suitable and appropriate value that is attached by the public and the possible changes that the policy makers could do to make the approach a suitable one. With the change of environment and change of time, the valuation variables are also changed and the most appropriate methods to make the conclusive decisions about how to obtain the best advantageous results from the employed methods and the economic resources which are in abundance and those that are the scarce ones. The appropriateness of the valuation approach is necessary because, one step in the wrong direction would ultimately make the environment pessimistic and could not generate favorable results of the processes being applied. (THOMPSON, 1994)


Environmental economics essay Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



The valuation approach:

The valuation approach that is used in the research is “choice experiment”. It can be defined as, the evaluative analysis between two or more choices to find out the best approachable method to attain the desired results. The human psychology and the statistical tools are inter linked in the model. From the analysis of the environmental and social variables it seems that the most appropriate model to determine the relationships between dependent and explanatory variables is considered to be Linear Regression Model. It is because of the fact that the model assumes particular relationships between the selected variables and to find out the impact on each other. On the other side, the use of variable X or explanatory variable should define properly because if one of the selected variables is not correct or missing, then it can be said that a particular model would not implement properly. Example to use the linear regression model is a condition of probability that might define as the expected outcome based on the significant level. The level that truly indicates the accuracy of the results that would have the positive impact of the particular data set. Therefore, it can be said that the selected model would be preferable for calculating the impact of the variables in order to determine the outcome of direct or inversely relationships between each other................

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