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European leadership Case Solution

Different situations require different leadership styles which are adaptive and actionable. Such styles will be taught to team members enabling them to learn leading from the front. In this context, such leadership style will not be just about leading only but it will also be about following the vision of the company as well.

Role of Key Stakeholders in the process of Talent Development

CEO and HR Division:

It should be the personal priority of any CEO to develop a pool of talent and to not leave the responsibility of talent development solely at the discretion of HR division. The most important thing for a CEO is to facilitate and nurture their succession from the fresh pool of talent. So far HR division is concerned on the necessity to focus over keeping the management team refreshed and relevant.  CEO plays an important part in talent development by evaluating its team through their performance outcomes and on the basis of scoring charts. Regular follow up meetings are held to measure their performance and determine programs necessary to overcome their weakness. These programs are advised by the HR department through a number of options such as formal mentoring, onsite and offsite training sessions, executive coaching etc. these initiates require excellent execution which is driven by the behaviors of the executives. In this case, Ted is supposed to initiate talent management program where VP HR Division and European HR Director explicitly links talent management program with the strategic plans of the CEO.

External Company:

External Company shall play a very vital role into providing executive coaching to Ted who adjusts his behavior towards trusting its team as his succession and later this external company engages fresh pool of talent into developing their acumen through tailored approaches and training programs which have been discussed as above.

European Leadership Team:

Company needs to tell its upcoming VP that he should be able to perform self-assessments. As VP has to be from the new European Leadership Team therefore team members should know where the mistakes are in a company and how can they be corrected. A company whose top management and vice-president knows about the area where company needs improvement and they are willing to apply themselves to overcome those hurdles , company will be on a path of success. The members of European Leadership Team needs to learn about being open to feedbacks from anyone in the company, this will eventually help them to reduce their inefficiencies and equip them with necessary skills to learn new techniques of leadership with a more positive impact over the company.


The European leadership team is looking for a top class Vice President amongst its top managers. The company needs to develop all the leadership skills that the current Vice-President possess. For a person to become the leader he should take responsibility for the work and should have the skills to convert the criticism into a productive one. It is also very important to ponder over the fact that in order to plant the seeds of training make sure that the soil is fertile so the seeds may grow. In this case, where Ted is not willing to develop and train his own team to replace him when he retires, it would be futile to train his team for such a purpose therefore it is necessary to first identify the glitches in the system. Only then it would be valuable to bring the real change. Providing professional coaching to Ted to change his mindset is highly critical to expose the silent killers and encourage the change in the team. Apart from this, Key stakeholders such as HR Division, CEO, External Company, Board members needs to be actively involved in the process of talent management and strictly scrutinize their companies...........


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