NETFLIX Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Netflix Case Solution

Module 01:Netflix background

Netflix is considered as one of the leading companies in the world that provides its customers high-quality internet streaming media services at affordable prices. The company provides its services in more than 190 countries worldwide including United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland, the Caribbean, USA, and Netherland, etc. The company provides its DVD-by-mail services via permit reply mail. Moreover, the main product lines of Netflix are DVD delivery and Online streaming services. The core product of Netflix is its services, and they compromise in its quality of services as the company believes providing the best possible services yield profit maximization and through that the company can easily satisfy the needs and requirement of the company and succeed. Furthermore, the marketing plan of Netflix is merely the emphasis on the online streaming services, which would help the company in achieving its steady business growth in the market as well as lead the company to success.

Netflix has approximately 81 million users who adored more than 125 million hours of television displays and picture each daytime, containing unique chains, films, and landscapes movies. Fellows can lookout as ample as they need, anytime, everywhere or closely any internet-related screen, Followers can play pause and restart viewing, all deprived of commitment or commercials.

Netflix Timeline

Netflix was established by Reed Hastings and March Randolph in Delaware in 1997. The company began its operations in 1999 and provided its customers subscription-based digital delivery services at affordable prices. A brief history of the company is discussed below:

1997:The Company was founded by software executive Marc Randolph and Reed Hasting in 1197. They provide customers an online movie rental services via permit reply mail.

1998:The Company introduces its virtual deals site and DVD rentals,

1999: The Company offered indefinite DVD rental and subscription services at lower rates.

 2000:In 0rder to predict the choices of all members, the company introduced the modified film commendation structure, which helped the company in better forecasting the demands of the customers related to the movie, big screen, and network connections. The company was sharing its revenue with Columbia and Warner.

2002:The company created its personalized IPO in the USA along with 600000 users.

2005:The users of Netflix increased to 4.2 million.

2007:In this era the company launched its online streaming services to the customers which allow customers to watch their favorite movie shows, dramas, and television shows on their computers.

2008:the company formed a partnership with the electronic companies which include, TV set-top boxes, Xbox 360, and Blu-ray disc players. These partnerships helped the company in streaming its services all over the world as well as help them in satisfying the needs of the potential customers. Therefore, the form company conglomerate with outside company which does not only increase the profitability of the company but also lead the company to successes level.Netflix Case Solution

2009:the company allied with microelectronic corporations to brook on the internet connected devices. Internet connected TVs and PS3.

2010:The company introduced its services in Canada. Its services are available on all internet connected devices, some of them are Apple iPod, the Nintendo Wii, iPhone, and iPod touch.

2011: The company started providing its services all over the Caribbean and Latin America.

2012:The company also spread its services in countries which include, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Moreover, during this period, the company also achieved its first Prime time Emmy Engineering Award.

2014:During this period, the company started offering its services in six European countries, which include Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, and Austria. Moreover, it also achieved rewards for its shows,which are Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Currently, Netflix has approximately 50 million users all over the world...................

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