Stretton Case Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Stretton Case Case Solution

Birds of a Feather”:

The purpose behind the concept was to create a large store offering styling sessions to customers by supporting and guiding them with the purchase of newly arrived fashionable outfits so the customer would feel confident that their money is being well spent. This concept served new customer groups, not only this, the demand also increased amongst customers seeking for trendy, stylish and fashionable fabric.

Savoir Fair and Innovation – Design Model:

Anna has been copying the international designs in order to attract customer, since customers with the passage of time became more modern and more demanding, which led to a higher expectation of customized fashion.  Anna used her core knowledge and ability to design the products in accordance to customers’ preferences. By doing so, the company achieved sustainable competitive advantage which would be sustained for a long period of time.

Company Owned Stores:

Stretton clothing has been operating at national and international level, although, it is valuable but not rare and easy to imitate, hence allowing the company to protect its product and brand’s competitive position in the marketplace without much expenditure or huge investments.

Excellent Customer Service:

The company has been providing excellent customer service by meeting customers’ expectations. This capability has enabled the company to maintain its market position since its establishment.

Additionally, the company doesn’t have any competitive disadvantage, since the company has been performing exceptionally well in highly competitive marketplace, thus giving a strong competitive threat to its competitors.

VRIO Analysis- Core Competencies

From the VRIO framework model, it is analyzed that one of the biggest resource that has been contributing to the success of the Stretton Clothing is the image of the brand, the company has reputed itself in highly competitive arena and has created a loyal customer base which is a very difficult task for any company in the fashion industry where fashion trends change constantly, and the intangible asset “brand image” has inevitable impact on the customer’s decision making process, which has enabled Anna Stretton to charge premium prices. The difficulty in creating the brand image is that, it takes prolonged period of time, henceforth, creating sustainable competitive advantage (Bagga, 2015).

In an addition to above mentioned eligibilities of Anna, another competency that Anna Stretton has mastered for the creation of sustainable competitive advantage is the quick adaption to demanded changes. In fashionable industry, it is quite significant for companies to refresh their product ranges. Referencing to the case, it is highlighted that Anna employed a head designer and a designer team for the company enabling it to use their expertise and skills when developing or designing the product (Deimler, 2011)...........


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