Ethnicity And Race Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ethnicity And Race Case Solution

Ethnicity and Race- A sociological Debate!

Why sociologist prefer to use the term Ethnicity and Not Race?

The paper discusses the sociological issue and terminology that why sociologist addressing the community addresses as the ethnic group and to as race. Before developing the rationale over the fact lets us first develop the undermine meaning and the difference of race and ethnicity.

According to the researcher and past sociologist the term race define as the biological factor which distinguishes a human from other species or individual on the basis of DNA, bone structure. In biology the race are basically the distinct population that exists within the same species. They fundamentally have minor or no difference on the bases of DNA.although according to the basic theory of home sapiens and home sapiens sapiens, all human belongs to same specie/race – the Human race, but still they vary on the basis of bone structure, blood line, color, eye structure and even appearance. These differences according to Andre developed due to the mutation of gene which leads to different color, appearance, and bloodline.

Although researchers and sociologist divide the humans on the basis of the race, other ancient socialist propped that although there is difference In structure or gene but all human belongs to same race-the human race. With the evolution and revolution, there is a prominent distinction arising in different race, but that are not racial in terms. For example, the researches have proposed that there would be 2500 new colors groups that will be evolve due to change in environment and that environment influence will change how people look in different geographical areas. The feature discus above is less racial and more ethnic because in such scenario the race does not change or in simpler word the DNA.

From history, the concept of race has changed across culture and eras, eventually the roots of race has got less connected with gene and DNA and more connected with the superficial physical characteristics like facial features, color and previous times, the theorists has proposed ad serrated the races on the basis of cultures and looks. Which brings us to our question why sociologist uses the term ethnicity rather that race.Basically race is a big general term under which ethnicity resides and covert major part.

According to many school of thought the there is a conflicting theory which peruses with the other definition of race, which is , it is believed and said that race cannot be identified through biological process, rather in modern world, the group of people are categorized as one race, on the basis of physiological differences. This aligns it with the modem theory and definition of race.

For example, when considering or dividing group of people, the social construction of race perspective defines that the relative darkness or fairness is a result of environmental influence –exposure to sun, and thus makes them a different race. However, in modern connotation n ancient connotation of Race, it has become very complex to understand the meaning of race, which is changing with time.Researchers are trying to find he link of race and bloodline. While the difference in views of school of thoughts are pertinent, and makes it complicated to understand the actual theory or evolution of the word “Race”.

Furthermore, the social construction of race is also reflected in the terms or ways that the names of he races are changing with changing time.

Race also refers to the name, label, or identity that other people posies in order to identify a d build distinct mage or recognizing factor.why people label themselves differently, sometimes these labels works in favor or against the people, because to makes them restricted to perform semi duties or ways which are associated with them. And thus the deviation in some practices leads to societal shift and disturbance.

Ethnicity And Race Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Ethnicity refers to the terms that define the shared cultures, values, norms and practices. It refers to the beliefs, religion, language and tradition certain group follows .Ethnicity is based on the differences and commonalities a certain group process. Ethnicity or ethnic group are sub groups that may belong to the same race, but may differ in terms of culture. Further more another definition of ethnicity is it is a learned factor which is not genital and any pardons belonging to any different race may become a part of same ethnic group by sharing same values, religion, language because it is a learned d factor..................

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