Ethical Leadership and The Dual Roles of Examples Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Through the examples that they set, the leaders do a whole lot to shape-for good or for ill-the culture of the organizations in which they serve. Leaders so serve in a teaching job. However, in order to learn the best way to set positive examples, leaders must also be pupils who seek to learn what they can from others' examples. Applying as a jumping-off point a recent high profile and multi-faceted scandal involving Penn State University and decision makers affiliated with it, this article explores a number of moral decision making lessons to be learned from that scandal and considers how those lessons can be applied to various decisions faced by corporate leaders.

On the way, the article addresses ways in which human tendencies that are common impair the quality of thinking and decision making. Additionally, it offers means for enriching the ethical nature of resulting company decisions and improving thinking quality.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Ethical Leadership and The Dual Roles of Examples

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