Note on Vietnams Business Climate Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The contours of the business environment faced by entrepreneurs in the reform of the Vietnam War in 1996. The most remarkable aspect of the reform of Vietnam was that, despite the lack of a formal privatization, the private sector has blossomed and was the impetus for the impressive economic growth of Vietnam. The entry of new firms have been a powerful force in Vietnam - surprisingly so, given the lack of market institutions, which are generally considered a prerequisite for the development of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs had to overcome many obstacles, for which they often have developed their specific strategies: markets were limited geographically, the financial markets were not available to most entrepreneurs, licensing requirements were burdensome, corruption thrives, public services remains strong, and there was little legal basis for private transactions . "Hide
by John McMillan, Christopher Woodruff, Erin Yurday 5 pages. Publication Date: March 28, 2003. Prod. #: IB46-PDF-ENG

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Note on Vietnams Business Climate

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