ENGLISH CENTER FOR NEW COMERS Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The case is about English language institute and its market. An English Major from Baruch College in New York known asDona Ronald son wanted to utilize her skills to earn a living;therefore she intended to start an English language institute.
Dona researched about the market and the components that affect the market and the major competitors that she could face. Also she assessed about the problems that could affect her in the future.
Based on her understanding of the market, she divided the students who went to English institute into 4 broad categories, which are as following;


These were the people, who usually had migrated to the US in search of a job and therefore, required good understanding of English language for getting a good job. They usually have some expertise in the field but lack some communication skills in English. These students are the biggest part of the market and therefore, most English institutes try to attract them to join their institutes.

Foreign Students:

These are those students who have come to the U.S in search of education and therefore, require good English grades to get admission in universities. In addition, they usually have good knowledge background.

Local youth

The local students of the U.S who want to improve their English competency due to any reason.


These people are those who are forced to leave there homeland due to political forces or due to natural disasters. These people learn English so that they can become an active part of the society in which they live. These people usually have different background knowledge and cannot be treated equally. The benefit that they have is that their education fees are usually paid by the government if they are registered refugees................

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