Qatar National Cement Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Recommended strategy

In order to deal with the pertinent issues that are exposed to Qatar cement, the followingplanneeds to befollowed:

Value Proposition:

Qatar international has strong brand image in the local market, with the ability to produce large tons of cement for the local market atthe cheaplabor cost.Such is a strong value proposition of the company, which it can harvest to attain the sustainedmarket growth andopportunity.Since Qatar Cements have stronghold over its operational cost, it has the ability to leverageitsexpertise in producing high quantity cement to cater the local market demand, avoiding the political block and sustaining it positions.

Target Market

So to pursue the particularstrategy or leverage the expertiseand capabilities of the Qatar National cement, the local clients’ needs to be targeted. Such may include the construction sector mainly, along with other sector such as petrochemicals that may utilize some of the components ofthe cement in production procedure. Since Qatar market hasstrong demand and that the company has strong brand image, it canleverage out its goodwill, to targetthe construction players, offering them thecement atthe lowest cost, earning the profitsthrough economies of scale.

Such is recommended due to the fact that since political block has greatlyaffectedthe overall county, offering value for money through economies of scale and costleadership strategy will allow the companyto regain its profitable operationand will also allow the overallindustries to retain theoperationefficiency, making the sector self-sufficient in attaining the profitsand maintaining the sustainabilityofthe company.

Moreover, it is also been opted, that the company should offer the distinct components ofthecements to the different sector player.Such will increase its marketpenetrationand will offer the opportunities to develop the market.

Qatar National Cement Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Competitive Edge

Qatar cement has strong brand imageand brand equity in the local market. Ithas the expertise and the capabilities to offer the valued cementsproducts to the customerat the reduced rate. Such allows it to maintaincertaincompetitiveedge in thelocal market. In addition to this, it has the financial capacity to expand in thelocal, market by developing new plants and meeting the market demand effectively and timely.

Such is a strong competitive edge that it can leverage to attract the local marker players.Since many of these still import rom the other neighboringcountries or have limited the operational base, the expandedoperation and supply of the cement in the market by the Qatar Cements will create strong imprint on the market players, creating value at both ends.


Since the political Block has greatly affectedthe overall market of the Qatar.In suchsituation, targeting the local clients throughthe localplayers is recommended.However in order to target those customers, the social media and directselling tactics is prescribe.In doing so, the Qatar Company should develop a strongsocial media presence. Such is important since the technology has taken a strong hold ofthe overall market, presence on social media anddigital platformsincreases the credibility of the company.Moreover, social media strategy creates more virility in themarket, and offers great ROI as compare to the other market tactics, due to the fact, it has low investment cost and high market reach.

In pursuing the social media strategy, thecompany should utilize the platform such as Twitter, facebook and instagram to create friendly and fun outlook of the company...............

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