Effects of Participation on B2B Exchanges: Resource-Based View Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Many B2B exchanges have failed in recent years, and some operators have gone through the hype to reach break-even point. Operators in these exchanges are the providers of business services, so their survival is connected with the value they provide to the user firms (as for any other interim performance).) Potential participants will join the exchange only if it can improve its competitiveness and increase value. Offers a variety of points of view in a discussion about the role of these exchanges, in which the competitive effects of the condition is the main driver for the participants of the company - and the main driver for successful exchanges. Poll B2B exchange shows that participating companies can extract value from the internal management activities and the participation of inter-organizational networks, which increases the efficiency and the possibility of partnership deeds. Specific resources supports these drives value creation with a variety of competitive opportunities. For the companies that participate in the B2B exchanges must be deliberate long-term strategy to maintain its competitive position. B2B operators have to deal with their business model in the competitive needs of potential users. "Hide
by Andrea Ordanini Source: California Management Review 18 pages. Publication Date: February 1, 2005. Prod. #: CMR305-PDF-ENG

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Effects of Participation on B2B Exchanges: Resource-Based View

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