Organizational Use of Decision Analysis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Consider three events that are crucial to the creation of value for the organization: to make a great choice, really effect change, and working effectively with the new selection. We recommend the process that involves lacing together the decision of the Board and the project team as they work with each other in six stages. This process aims to alternative generation, evaluation and implementation, based on the analysis of decisions. Tools to enhance creativity and structure analysis are crucial for success, most of the chapter about creativity. Joint efforts to frame the risk assessment and to make explicit value tradeoffs are an integral part of the process. Risk management techniques extend the set of alternatives to add value and reduce risk. Companies and consultants have been very successful in this process. "Hide
by Samuel E Bodily 38 pages. Publication Date: May 13, 2005. Prod. #: UV6506-PDF-ENG

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Organizational Use of Decision Analysis

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