Renewing the Fujitsu-AMD Joint Venture (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Renewing the Fujitsu-AMD Joint Venture (A)  Case Solution


The (A) case provides a set of options open up to the CEO of a brand-new JV who finds that his exceptional success in combining intricate production entities throughout a significant social divide has actually concealed simmering stress. These now come forward around tactical and item policy options, offering in China, rates policies, and work and financial investment dedications in an extremely cyclical, extremely ingenious market.


Pedagogical Goals:

In the context of connection rebuilding options, to offer an integrative case to evaluate significant tactical alliance concerns and discovering points, from broad tactical compatibility problems to the specifics of private feelings in a modification scenario. Numerous levels of modification are proposed - from ending the alliance by drifting off the JV to a great tuning of the connection, problem by concern.

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published: 27 Feb 2009

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Renewing the Fujitsu-AMD Joint Venture (A)

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