Dunwich Marine Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The consultant reviewing the past performance of the port believed that company lacked leadership experience and skills for bringing innovations to the port. In which he suggested in hiring apart-time CEO which would help in developing new business plans for improving the condition of the Port. This meant that all the activities of the business would be handled by the new CEO and he would responsible for presenting aplan to the investors and customers for receiving the investment and for promoting the project. The consultant had identified the source of financing and CEO which was from a European government known as the East Financing(Sadler, 1998).

This step was encouraged by local communities in the Dunwich Port and the Dunwich Port Authority. However, both the companies DSC and DMR felt insulted that a new CEO would take over the control of the company operations and turned out the deal. Both of the companies responded that they would not be patronized by the consultant and they believe that they have the experience for improving the performance of their company without the assistance of other parties. If the companies had accepted the merger the benefits would be that it would improve the company operations, repaired the Slipway, Dunwich Port activities would once again improve and receiving ahigh amount of investment from the East Finance(Rodrigue, 2005).

Dunwich Marine Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The consultant could have used a different approach since it was the requirement of the East Finance to changing the company structure which was not agreeable by both the companies. The consultant could have gone to the UK government since East Finance belongs to the European government. The consultant could have easily convinced the UK government for funding the Dunwich Port Slipway and encouraging the companies for forming an alliance with each other without interfering in the activities. Since the UK government announced that the Dunwich Port would be used for servicing wind turbine on the vessels. The UK government could be easily persuaded in providing the fund and its assistance without posing many barriers to the shipping companies on the Dunwich Port(Hertwich & Arvesen, 2013).

Answer # 3

The consultant believed that the outcome of the project would be feasible if the two companies agreed on themerger. If the two companies had agreed on merger and forming into a single business by the name of Dunwich Marine, it would have overall improved the Dunwich Port operations and conditions. The Slipway which had been constructed inthe year 1930 had not been altered or innovation which was performedat 50% capacity according to other ports Slipway. The merger would cause the Dunwich Port Authority to receive ahigh amount of fund from the East Finance which managing the residual in Europe and invests the government money for further expansion.

The Dunwich Port Authority would be able to use the finance for repairing the Slipway and other ports operation for improving the overall conditions of the Port for attracting more customers for trading operations, opening anew business and foreign investors to invest in the Port. The DPA could also use the money for clearing the pollutions and garbage on the water as the entire port was decaying and neglected......................

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