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Alternative-2: Launch New Product without Branded Ingredients:

Another alternative for the company is to launch a new product without branded ingredients. The pros and cons of launching this product are as follows:


  • The company would be able to add new product in its product line.
  • It would improve the brand image of the company and allow the customers to try new flavor, which ultimately improves the customer base of the company.


  • Due to a number of competitors in the market, it would not allow the company to generate additionalrevenue for the company.
  • It requires high additional investment in comparison to the launch ofa branded ingredient products.
  • High advertisement cost would be required

Alternative-3: FocusingOnSellingMoreDirectToConsumersOnline

Another alternative for the company is not to launch the new product and to focus on direct selling to consumers online. The pros and cons of this alternative are as follows:


  • High-profit margin in comparison to retail selling.
  • Saves various margins of whole sellers and retailers.
  • Increasing trends towards online purchasing.
  • No additional cost.


  • Dependency on a limited product line.
  • It would reduce the consumer base of the company, because the consumers of the company wants to try new products.
  • The online sales has only a 2% contribution in overall revenue, which shows that 98% of sales of the company are generated through retail channels.


On the basis of the above analysis, it is recommended that the company should implement the alternative one, which is launching a new product with branded ingredients. The reason behind the suggestion of alternative-1 is that it would bring an additional profit in the company’s revenue as well as provides a new flavor to the customers which ultimately improves the consumer base of the company. The target audience of the company is upper class so the customers would pay even higher prices for buying the product. Branded ingredients would also improve the quality of the cheese that would easily attract the customers. It also recommended to the company that it would focus on selling directly to the customers through the online channels because the trend towards the online selling ids increasing day by day. By selling through online and retail as well would enable the company to capture the market easily.

Action Plan

In order to launch the new product with branded ingredients, the company hires additional staff and provides training that how to make the new cheese. After that, the company buys equipment, raw material and other things that are necessary for the production of the product. Furthermore, the company advertises its products on social media and other communication channels in order to acknowledge the customer about the new product of the company. The company also make sure that the product of the company would available at every store as well as through the website of the company................................


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