Note on Industry Peer Networks Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Peer networks are collections of non-competing businesses in the same line of business events on a regular basis to exchange information on the relative performance and business practices. Peer networks provide a unique solution to the growing needs of the company to cooperate with others in order to remain competitive without compromising their independence and control over decision-making. The main benefits of membership are learning and increasing the motivation to improve. Users tend to attribute the improvement in the performance of their companies to the knowledge gained in other companies in the network or the creative interaction in the group meetings. Motivational benefits of membership revolves around the ability to accurately determine its constant relative industry peers. Exchange private information serves to provide access to certain restrictions and motivate members to overcome them. "Hide
by Ezra Zuckerman, Stoyan V. Sgourev 11 pages. Publication Date: September 6, 2002. Prod. #: ON2-PDF-ENG

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Note on Industry Peer Networks

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