Continental Airlines Flies High with its Real-Time Data Warehouse Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Continental Airlines Flies High with its Real-Time Data Warehouse Case Solution

Question 1:

Describe the benefits of implementing the Continental Go Forward strategy.

In the case, Continental Arline's was one of the 5th largest Airlines of US and seventh largest in the world. At the time of its inception, it had only one Lockheed flight to generate the revenues. However, with great success in the past couple of years, it has been analyzed that the business was using a Go Forward Strategy to manage the operations effectively and according to the demand proposed by the related customers regarding the proper utilization of the services within a given period.

Therefore, the key benefits of using the strategy were its quick access over the large integrated systems, where its main vision was to move from the first to the favorite for the particular customers. In the given strategy, it was decided that the services would be placed based on the customer's decisions and perception about how to provide a particular services according to them. The other benefits of using strategy were the increasingly imperative data of the warehouse into the real-time, where the historical data would be extracted from the new systems and could be conceded as the reference point to execute the operations and to make tactical decisions regarding the future business success.

Question 2:

Explain why it is important for an airline to use a real-time data warehouse.

As long as the airline industry becomes one of the most demanded businesses in the field of customer services, so to manage the operations appropriately, a proper use of operating systems would play a vital role in the continuous success of the business. Same was the case of Continental Airline, where it was considering a change in the operating systems by integrated into a unified one under which, time would be reduced due to a single use of operating system. Also, there would be less involvement of the employees, who would be willing to learn a new system of operations.

There are many other benefits associated with real-time warehouse system, the highlighted in the case was looking the importance of the customer-based decisions, where Continental implemented most of the decisions based on the customer perception. The reason for developing such a strategy was the concept of "First to Favorite" for the customers. This would allow every industry to increase customer's loyalty and expand the operations under the system used to access the complex data quickly due to the nature of integrated use in each destination of operation.

The other highlighted benefits of using the real-time data warehouse were the increasing in profitability of the business by decreasing the costs associated with operational activities as well as improved the performance under the quickly processing time. With all these major benefits associated with the real-time data warehouse, it is important for each airline to adopt the system in order to upgrade the operating system as well as utilizing the access data quickly for minimizing the operating costs overtime and increase the profit margins of the business for future expansion.   .............................

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