The “Three Strikes” Law in California (Sequel): The Impact Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This sequel is the succeeding part of this three component case. The primary case (case 1908.0) provides background on the California three strikes law, and then briefly describes the proponents and opponents of the ballot measure, and the arguments each side put forward. The next two parts can be read in class.

This short sequel summarizes the impact of the vote initiative-which was overwhelmingly approved by voters - on the state budget and the state prison system. The third part (supplement 1908.4) tells a different story: of two judges in Pennsylvania who pleaded guilty to taking kickbacks from the owners of two juvenile detention centers, in a system many labeled "kids for cash." HKS Case Amount 1908.1

The Three Strikes Law in California (Sequel) The Impact case study solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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The “Three Strikes” Law in California (Sequel): The Impact

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