Discovery Finds Its Way in India-Curiosity Built the Brand Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

An American television company, Discovery Inc., had entered the Indian tv market in 1995 with its stations (carrying the same brand name Discovery) offering the content that focused on nonfiction, infotainment programming. Almost two decades after, guided by a solid senior management team, it created a powerful brand presence in India and had assembled a formidable operation with 11 stations spanning various genres. Although the firm was a leader in virtually all the genres in which it operated, the Discovery team knew they could not afford to be complacent even for a day in the Indian television market that was extremely competitive. With around 800 channels fighting for viewership daily, they had to make swift and tough choices day in and day out. Looking back on some of the strategic moves they'd made in India and their journey, it was clear that they managed to pick up specific distinctive capabilities along the way. Not only had they successfully "Indianized" a world-wide brand, they deftly overcame some of the challenges inherent to the television sector in India. What was next for Discovery? With their latest launching, "Discovery Kids," it appeared that they were once again moving in the course of children's edutainment. Could they successfully implement what they learnt from the past to the unknown future? The case presents the challenging choices that Discovery wanted to make at several strategic junctures as the cable television market changed and evolved through the years. It facilitates an in depth discussion on whether, and how, the capability to make decisions that are astute which have also been developed by Discovery and got the necessary agility to react to the dynamic marketplace in India.

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Discovery Finds Its Way in India-Curiosity Built the Brand

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