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A-CAT Corp., a firm that produces domestic electric appliances in a poor region of India, largely caters to the cost-sensitive rural market. During the precedent abundant months, there has been a disturbing plunge in trade of its outstanding merchandise, a voltage controller that is utilized for varied reasons but predominantly as a protection device for the refrigerators and television sets, to challenge the latter from the vagaries of cargo disparity and/or power fault, which are a very regular occurrence in the region. At precisely the same time, the production department has been complaining about shortages of parts and spares.

a-cat corp

a-cat corp

Placing orders beyond a certain limit for the critical transformers used in most of its products has also stretched the system - whereas the firm previously had access to four providers of transformers, currently there is just one.

The vice president has requested the chief operations manager to explore the problem. The operations manager follows its particular reliance on accurate forecasts and the generation preparation process. The supervisors job is to gather the information, appraise the data model, exploit forecasting techniques, perform back-testing and advise proposition to administration to decipher the quandary. 

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