Develop Long-Term Competitiveness Through IT Assets Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Develop Long-Term Competitiveness Through IT Assets Case Solution

How can companies improve their competitiveness through information technology? The authors identify three assets they view as most significant to becoming and remaining competitive: the human strength, the technology advantage, and the relationship strength after examining IT management practices in various businesses. The strength that is human is an IT staff that addresses business opportunities through IT and solves business issues. The technology advantage-- databases and sharable technical platforms --is crucial to making IT programs cost effective and incorporating systems. Companies must establish what types of information to share, the best way to keep them, where to find servers, and the best way to support technologies and programs.
They must also create standards that limit the variety of technologies that the IT staff must support. The relationship asset means responsibility and the danger for efficiently using IT that company and IT must share. The writers discuss the interdependencies among the three assets. They propose that business and IT executives should always evaluate the standing of the IT assets within their businesses by using the survey provided.

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PUBLICATION DATE: October 01, 1996


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Develop Long-Term Competitiveness Through IT Assets

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