Sa Sa International: Growth Amidst Adversity Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Pioneering the concept of discount cosmetics retail stores in Hong Kong, Simon and Eleanor Kwok succeeded in building Sa Sa in one of Asia's largest cosmetic and beauty retailer service. Sa Sa proclaims growth in the face of many environmental disagreements, including the Asian financial crisis and the pandemic of SARS. Building rents, combined with lower-than-expected data tourism harbingered ongoing turbulence in its core market, Hong Kong. Under pressure to maintain the field, other reasons for concern were continued losses from its operations in China and the poor performance of the separation of beauty services. In addition, it was found that Sa Sa faced positioning paradox - to be inexpensive retail, procurement of goods from parallel imports, while trying to project an image according to the requirements of the prestigious global brands it is provided. Assessing the current state of Sa Sa, students can develop a strategy that would allow the continued success of Sa Sa and the ability to compete in a changing retail environment. "Hide
Kavita on the Web, Stephen Ko Source: University of Hong Kong, 31 pages. Publication Date: December 18, 2006. Prod. #: HKU630-PDF-ENG

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Sa Sa International: Growth Amidst Adversity

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