The Case for ‘Benevolent’ Mobile Apps Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Smartphones compose an increasing share of cellular devices, and mobile programs are among smartphones' most popular characteristics. Cellular telephone app downloads' all time cumulative total stood at 37 billion at the end of 2011, and demonstrated dramatic increase in the year 2012. The Mobile app that were downloaded almost doubled in that year, consequently a novice accumulative total of 83 billion mobile app downloads. For companies, programs provide considerable revenue opportunities. Mobile advertising has seen triple-digit percentage growth each year since PricewaterhouseCoopers began recording this data in 2010. Yet some folks have doubts about utility and the effectiveness of mobile advertising and believe that programs are a better medium. Authors Glen L. Urban and Fareena Sultan think one of the most effective uses of mobile media will be apps that are designed to build trust. These are "benevolent"apps since the program value is directly linked not to selling products but rather to improving consumer interests and helping them solve problems or make selections.

One example is the Sea Tow program, offered by Sea Tow Service International, headquartered in Southold, New York, which provides rescue services and emergency towing for boaters in the United States, the Caribbean and Europe. The program that is complimentary supports boaters' navigation needs by providing information about local tide tables, in-depth marine weather forecasts, GPS coordinates and bearing, and rate. Sultan and Urban discover that a growing number of organizations, including well-known companies, have come forth with their own benevolent apps in which selling products takes a backseat to getting trust and supplying information.

The Case for 'Benevolent' Mobile Apps case study solution


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The Case for ‘Benevolent’ Mobile Apps

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