DESSO (B) – Going Forward Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

DESSO (B) – Going Forward Case Solution

1.    Briefly Describe Cradle to Cradle Approach?

The cradle to cradle approach is widely used all around the world for the sustainability of the business model of the company. It is considered as the biometric approach that redesigns the system or the model in a sustainable way. The model views the inputs or the raw materials as the nutrients circulation in the human metabolisms.

This approach was hugely influenced by the protection and safety of ecosystem and nature. The system is entirely based on the eco-efficiency and eco-effectiveness in the production model. The approach erects the substances of the system that can cause the wastage in the system.The eco-effectiveness raises the system as the biological cycle of flow of materials, which view the theory as there is no existence of the wastage.

On the other hand, the eco-efficiency deals in the flow of materials in a more eco-friendly way. The eco-efficiency of the Cradle to Cradle approach focuses on the reduction in the resources usage. It hugely influences the ways on the basis of which the usage of the natural resources can be minimized.

The cradle to cradle approach have the portion of emphasis on the re-usage re-cycling of the materials in eco-friendly way. The company applying the cradle to cradle approach made itself responsible for the disposable of the materials used in the processes in an eco-friendly way.

2.    Is it the right solution for the market? Why the companies adapt Cradle to Cradle approach?

The companies around the world are rapidly adapting different approaches for the sustainable development of the resources. The companies treat the natural resources as the money making factory. The continuous growing technology and global business tend to be a question mark on the sustainability of the nature resources.

The natural resources are being wasted by the companies. There arenumerous concerns which have arose on the future deployment of the natural resources. The Cradle to Cradle approach and other sustainable development approaches deal in the verification of minimum need of the resources by keeping in mind the future needs for the natural resources. These approaches provide a sustainable shield to the future generation to fulfill their future needs of acquiring portion of the natural resources.

The approach emphasizes on the betterment of the manufacturing of the products. It increases the productivity of the company and reducing the wastages associated with the generation of the products.The Cradle to Cradle approach satisfies the company’s corporate responsibility towards nature.

The Cradle to Cradle clarifies that the company is not involved in any actions and reactions that are harmful for nature. The approach not only reduces wastage from the process but also increases the positive image of the company.

3.    What is Desso is gaining form this Approach

Desso is using Cradle to Cradle Approach as an innovative strategy that encompasses the changes in the company’s model. The change is needed in all the strategies with the change in the markets. The approach helps Desso to minimize its cost and maximize its profits and revenues.

The cradle to cradle approach makes the most changes in the value chain of the company.The approach helps Desso to redefine its products design and redesign them to attract more customers with minimal cost affiliated with it.The redesigning of the products will encourage the company to redesign its process with the cradle to cradle principals which are proposed to reduce the wastage in the process...................

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