Google Inc. in 2014 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Google Inc. in 2014 Case Solution 

Q no:1) Describe the strategy Google used to move from search to other technical areas. 

There was a huge competition in the market however, Google has been able to sustain its position due to being a leader in a market.The company had engaged in the product diversification and acquisition strategy to expand its business beyond the search engine. Google started its content hosting by acquiring YouTube in 2006. The acquisition of YouTube helped Google to play a vital role in content host which enabled its store material in its owned servers. Google also initiated hosting and searching digital versions of numerous books. The enabled users to search browse and even download Google presented books. Google partnered with publishers and authors which allowed it to present their books.Moreover, Google also launched Gmail (communication App) in 2004, which offered more than 1GB of storage space far more than its competitors. Google also expanded its business into real time and voice communication. Google’s Gchat presented instant massaging within the Gmail interface. Furthermore, with the acquisition of Android Inc., Google had launched the Open Handset Alliance which allowed mobile makers and carriers seeking to compete with Apple’s iPhone. The core operating system of Google’s mobile phones was open source which was available to everyone, and built-in with basic apps. Google’s phones also offered a complete collection of software, including YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, as well as Google play store which enabled users to obtain apps from Google and independent developers.

Google also launched its cloud applications. Its server based cloud applications was a browsed base programs that obtained data over the internet and allowed users to install the upgrades without pausing. Cloud applications provide easy support to the users and enabled it to use cloud applications at home, at work, or on a mobile phone or tablet. Moreover, Google also launched it Chrome web browser and achieved second position in the web browsers. However, after analyzing its strategy, it has been assumed that Google has been successful in expanding business and acquired a significant market share through its additional services. Its products diversification and acquisition strategy had helped Google to develop its position in other different areas and enabled it to give a significant market share.

Q no:2)As far as search, what aspects of search did Google use to enhance their position against competitors? What two companies had search engines that were used prior to Google?

The major competitors when Google had established its search were Yahoo and Alta Vista which used algorithm search engine. The algorithm search engine by repeating keywords on their pages increased the return of irrelevant listings (spam) that frustrated users. However, Google tackled this problem by Page Rank algorithm favored pages that were positioned (linked to) by the other pages. These links indicated that another page’s designer consideration that important page deserved attention.On the other hand, in the meantime a new robust model had emerged to monetize search in to paid listing. Paid listing was short text ads that appeared either next to or combine with search results. Advertisers proposed for keywords and their bids determined the top-to-bottom arrangement of ads on search engines.....................

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