Brand Loyalty Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Brand Loyalty Case Study Solution


The case illustrates the stance of the interview on the brand loyalty.Since it is a most intriguing factor for managers to maintain and manage during the brand management, it is important to understand whether the customer is attached to the brand or its features or with the idea of consuming certain product or service.Through the particular case study and analysis of 7 informants, the particular ranking has been made on the scale of brand loyalty to depict the extent and idea of brand loyalty for a consumer.


The following ranking is made on the basis of the extent of brand loyalty on ascending scale.

  • Wendy
  • Sara
  • Pamela
  • tom
  • Anne
  • Charles
  • Frank

The following ranking is made on the basis of extent of brand loyalty to one brand only.Since brand loyalty refers to the positioning of the brand in such a way that if a customer urges for a particular need, the brand comes to the mind first, it also refers to the extent to which the customer sticks to one brand over the period of time and the level of repeat purchase. It also refers to the value proposition that each brand creates in the mind of customer.

Since Wendy is most loyal to Dunkin Donut’s coffee and consumes only the particular brand for coffee urge along with very rare and low preference to Flogger and Breugers .It depicts her high brand affinity to Dunkin Donuts brand and hence develops a distinct image and affinity for it.While on other hand, Sara is ranked at 2nd since she prefers to consume Gevaila coffee only while only switches to Starbucks coffee in a friend’s meeting .Such trend depicts her affinity to one brand and also depicts her derive to prefer the Gevaila coffee when selecting at her own.

Apart from Sara and Wendy, Pamela shows certain brand loyalty to the Gevaila for over 20 years. However the reason she is ranked at 3rd is, she occasionally consumes the other two brand of coffee and thus the extent of coffee loyalty decreases her stance on the scale .Such switching to other brands depicts the customer behavior to look for change in taste.

Tom on the other hand is placed at 4th, since in his case   brand loyalty is not the driving factor for the purchase of the particular coffee brand rather money is the driving factor along with some association or peer pressure from surroundings. Anne is on 5th rank, since she has quite a number of coffee brands at her portfolio and depicts her nature to look for change. Though she is adhered to Gourmet coffee that streaks her sense of creativity, however her switch to other brands in evenings and in occasion depicts her low scale on brand loyalty.

Charles is placed on 6th rank, since his choices for coffee represent his association to the work and ease/convenience. He consumes different types of coffee at different times and phase during the day, though those brands and times are fixed, it however depicts the volatile nature and taste of Charles on coffee consumption pattern and thus depicts low brand loyalty to one particular brand. Perhaps the factor of repeat purchase is present. (Martin, 2017)

Brand Loyalty Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Lastly, Frank is placed at the last, because he has the far more number of coffee brands in his portfolio than another informants, such behavior of Frank depicts his low brand loyalty and brand image or positioning as not the driving factor to consume coffee, rather it depicts his behavior of consuming coffee, be it green mountain or any other.Such depicts diffused brand loyalty and position of the partial brand in Franks Mind...............

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