Two Big Banks Broken Back Office Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Six months as a result of the merger of two global money center bank, Megan Richards, the new foreign exchange bank sales manager, trying to keep their customer base in the light of the inability of the bank to deliver foreign currency in a timely manner. Yields a system of target banks were chosen for political reasons, large corporate customers call Megan with their demands and complaints of breakage, and Megan refused to support his boss, the vice-president in charge of global capital markets. The purpose of the event is to introduce the operational and policy issues post-merger integration, especially when they are facing the front of middle managers. (We use the occasion to open our PMI of course.) "Hide
on LJ Bourgeois, Margaret Cording Source: Darden School of Business 7 pages. Publication Date: March 12, 2001. Prod. #: UV1621-PDF-ENG

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Two Big Banks Broken Back Office

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