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Challenge colleagues to suggest creative solutions

Once a company or a person have a tremendous innovation challenge to achieve, so few words should be exchanged regarding that challenge faced by business partners, internal employees, colleagues, customers or even the general public sometimes. The idea behind sharing the challenge between these elements is that through discussion an innovative idea can be easily generated. Here the way of communicating the challenge is also important because there is a possibility that the person can misinterpret the challenge and the actual problem is left behind. Discussing the challenge will also help to further shape the problem in a more prominent manner so that a proper road map can be designed.

Collaborative idea generation

After the identification of actual problem and designing a road map, it is the stage of some constructive brainstorming by using professional software like Jenni or the help of companies like Ideo and Innovative Design. This company helps people to come up with an idea in a workable manner. Furthermore, a team of professionals can sit together and contribute their role. An idea can be generated all alone as well but when different minds combine together so more creativity is introduced. The main reason for this collaborative idea generation is to highlight the pros and cons of every proposed idea so that negative elements can be eliminated and only positive aspects should be there in an idea. Another thing that requires attention is that whatever the path is selected to generate the idea, it should be on a collaborative basis so that a cross functional team based approach should be followed to come up with best outcomes. While having this collaborative discussion there should be no censorship, criticism and destructiveness because it may harm the actual positioning, motive and the overall crisp behind the idea. Criticism and de-motivating approach in this regard will destroy the whole process of brain storming because then people will be reluctant in sharing their creative ideas. Although, there is a possibility of extremely un-appropriate ideas but by discussing and telling its negative aspects that idea can be kept at side instead of driving a person towards extreme de-motivation. Criticizing on a false or un-applicable idea should be strictly prohibited so that a constructive discussion can be taken instead of a destructive one.

Combine and evaluate ideas

When a discussion is taken place so, there is a possibility of coming up with lots of ideas in the container, subsequently now the step is to unite comparable thoughts into a bunch of ideas. Each bunch of idea can be converted into a single and workable idea, which makes it certain that it will make the upcoming process more effective and efficient at simultaneously. After this process evaluation, ideas can be performed with the help of an evaluation matrix in which potential ideas are evaluated to significant business requirements and criteria. For the next phase the proposed ideas who have secured the highest scores in the evaluation or assessment matrix are taken to the next level. Evaluation of ideas does not mean that only negative aspects are highlighted but the actual reason is to come up with best solution, which can be taken towards the development of a final idea, which will be free from maximum negative aspects.

Develop ideas

The development of an idea depends upon the innovative challenge that has to be achieved. The newly designed ideas are now converted into the prototypes to judge the actual shape and feasibility of the product. This step helps in analyzing the expected design of the product and identifies the changes that need to be done for final innovation process step. Analysis of the innovative ideas are always very beneficial for the companies, therefore; they are ready to spent more time on this process for better outcomes. Ideas related to marketing can be evaluated through the research or by means of authentic consumer surveys. The reason of developing these ideas is to assist them in the actual corporate and marketplace environment. When the ideas are developed and are free from all kinds of errors so now they have been finalized for the final phase; which is formally known as the interpretation phase. In the situation of an extremely innovative idea, it is typically good to generate a prototype so that there is no issue while implementing those ideas. A prototype or a sample product makes it very easy to convince the committees, managers, and other concerned authorities who will be ready to criticize on the new product innovations..................................

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