Deaconess-Glover Hospital (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Chronicles of the initial efforts to teach Health Organization to manage themselves in accordance with the principles of the production system Toyota (TPS). Description decisions and dilemmas that arose in connection with the experiment. Based on earlier studies Bowen and spear in an industrial environment. They found that the TPS is an integrated approach to design, make, and improve the performance of individuals and groups of people working together to produce and deliver products, services and information. Deaconess-Glover Hospital project tested the efficacy of TPS in non-industrial settings (eg, health care), and proposes to understand how to transform an organization run by its existing management system managed by a TPS principles. This case provides background on the Deaconess-Glover Hospital and a teacher TPS, John Kenagy. Describes how Kenagy observed the work at the hospital to understand the system. Given how Kenagy collected data and on the basis that he was directly observed, that he should recommend the heads of their next step? "Hide
by Steven J. Spear, John Kenagy Source: Harvard Business School 23 pages. Publication Date: July 19, 2000. Prod. #: Six hundred and one thousand and twenty-two-PDF-ENG

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Deaconess-Glover Hospital (A)

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