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On a mobile phone Precision Electro-Tek factory in southern China, thousands of operators - bright and capable young men and (mostly) women are Jieliang Hao motivated to improve line performance by small innovations for quick assembly and found many ways to increase your productivity. Meanwhile, global-network production team of experts led by Marty Cole, the case of the hero, trying to spread the best practices from other sites around the world. Unfortunately, these two processes are sometimes accidentally encountered, representing the call control. The case helps students learn implicit assumptions managers make the organization of work within the factory. These assumptions reflect the theories of behavior and motivation of employees, combined with the beliefs of managers, which is a "best practice." Students can analyze the lean production theory, and recognize that in this particular implementation, implementation of best practices without sufficient consideration of the interaction of theories of motivation led to unexpected results. The case provides an opportunity to explore the connection between the design work and compensation, and to understand the differences between compensation and motivation. The case frames as a general manager in the creation of the structures and systems of compensation in a very traditional and explicit setting, one where the link must be clearly visible even assumptions, often deeply buried and implicit. We hope that students will see the lessons are extended to most, if not all, of the organizations where they work. There are three cases: (A) describes the case of management, (B) describes the case of a direct view of employee labor, and (C) body parts of a survey of employees conducted in two production lines «Hide.
by Willy Shih, Ethan S. Bernstein, Nina Bilimoria Source: Video Supplement 9 minutes. Publication Date: April 1, 2009. Prod. #: 609704-VID-ENG

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Jieliang Phone Home (Video) DVD

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