Dabbawallahs of Mumbai (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Dabbawallahs Of Mumbai (A)

Key Points

            Mumbai’s dabbawallahs and tiffanwallahs have gotten a tremendous amount of success as far as other regions are concerned. President of Nutan Mumbai Tiffin, Raghunath Medge had instigated various practices to examine the feedback of customers. There were various problems that need to be resolved regarding dabbawallahs’ workforce and customers, such as:

  • What is the procedure of recruitment?
  • What should be the compensation criteria of the work force?
  • What will be the marketing strategy for dabbawallahs to attract the customers?
  • How dabbawallahs cope with their competitors?

Issues identification

            The president of Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Charity Trust had planned to organize meal delivery network services efficiently in India. Many experts and analysts in the industry expresses several concerns regarding future prospects of the dabbawallah’s service in India. There are various competitors in the lunch delivery services in Mumbai, and other macro environmental forces affecting negatively to both customers as well as a work force. All the Dabbawallahs meet regularly to discuss the issues associated with service, salary and the future prospect. With the help of it, they resolved various problems in the meetings for the betterment of the service and also suggest tactics for the future.


            Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Charity Trust aims to successfully manage more than 5,000 Dabbawallahs on a daily basis. The management of the trust must examine the market and designed the strategies according to the needs and demands of the customers. Some of the alternatives for the trust are:

  • Effective Human Resource Management Practices.
  • Time management and team work is essential for Dabbawallahs to achieve better results.
  • Innovation should be promoted among Dabbawallahs, especially in order to manufacture the Tiffin's.
  • Customer satisfaction should be considered to maintain positive relationships with the customers................

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President of Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Charity Trust has just returned to his office after the meeting with Prince Charles in the UK, who was on an official visit to Mumbai. Trust has been managing the networking food delivery dabbawallah. Service was cited dabbawallah international management scholars and industry leaders as an example in the supply chain and management services, as well as security of supply. However, many observers are now expressed concern about the future viability of the service dabbawallah, given the difficulties in duplicating its delivery network in other places, the emergence of other competitors dinner in Mumbai, as well as a number of environmental changes, affecting both its customers and employees. "Hide
by Larry Menor, Chandra Sekhar Ramasastry Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 22 pages. Publication Date: April 26, 2004. Prod. #: 904D11-PDF-ENG

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