Ezra Holdings: Entrepreneurship and Capability Building Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case is considered an entrepreneurial path taken two men, father and son, who has created a very successful business enterprise in the regional marine offshore industry in the first decade of the 21st century. Factors that contributed to the rapid growth of the company to consider, as well as the challenges they face in making their company, Ezra Holdings, the next level of rapid growth. Began in 1992, entrepreneurs used their knowledge of regional oil and gas (O & G) and maritime engineering business to grow the company in the global marine support services company with a market capitalization of $ 1.2 billion by the end of January 2010. The company began as a small enterprise management and operation of offshore supply vessels support O & G activities in the region. From the management of small boats, they moved on to the creation of the basic features necessary for effective support services to the offshore O & G exploration and production projects of large international companies. To stimulate growth, they began a series of acquisitions and joint ventures with other players. In a very capital-intensive business, they were successful in the search for the means necessary to ensure the operating assets of the business. As we move up the value chain in its segment of the industry, they are also stored search industry veterans and professionals and technical staff from the acquired companies to build their human resource pool. Ezra decade of rapid growth seen in several ways: • Entrepreneurship as a dynamic process of structure and action. • Can the building as a prerequisite for the success of the new enterprise, as reflected in resource acquisition strategy Ezra funds, human capital and technical know-how. "Hide
by Wee Beng Geok, Yvonne Chong Source: CCP in Nanyang Tech University 24 pages. Publication Date: July 19, 2010. Prod. #: NTU029-PDF-ENG

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Ezra Holdings: Entrepreneurship and Capability Building

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