Trying to Create a Stir: Opening a Coffee Shop in Korea Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The critical question for entrepreneurs starting a business, especially in a foreign country, it is a choice or not franchising appropriate mode of entry. Franchising allows entrepreneurs instant brand recognition, established business processes and supply chain management and tax management, and ready to deliver aid in the early months, but it deprives the entrepreneur that many crave - the ability to create and grow a business from one's imagination . Two businessmen in this case was a regular salary, but would like to try their hand at opening a cafe - or chain of cafes -. In South Korea, which has a lot of brands from several points

This case is suitable for use in business, management strategies and international marketing and business courses to enter the selection mode entry and product / service differentiation. It provides a case study for students to understand how the mode of entry decision affects the competitiveness in a mature market segment in mature geographic market. Might help achieve these goals, such as 1) encourages students to explore unique challenges that entrepreneurs face in the market entry mode selection, product / service offering and brand strategy of differentiation, and 2) shows that these important decisions - the choice of the market, the mode of entry, differentiation, etc. - Are not linear decisions to be made one after the other, and the pieces of a comprehensive strategy, which influence each other, and 3) allow students to be creative in finding ways to differentiate the product or service, which is a late entrant in a mature market. "Hide
by Allen H. Merchant, Gyewan Moon Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 8 pages. Publication Date: March 2, 2011. Prod. #: W10022-PDF-ENG

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