Cyclone Tire Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Cyclone Tire Company Case Study Solution


Cyclone tire Company is a new startup of tire manufacturing firm which deals in every kind of vehicles such as passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and industrial vehicles. The tires are manufactured through different processes and therefore, resulted out as suitable tires for every vehicle for long term usage as well as provide strong grip to the vehicles.

Cyclone Tire Company is located at Wheat land, California, USA as it is a hub business area of the city. Moreover, there are many other tire shops located there. Therefore, it would provide facility to the potential customers to visit the shop. In addition, the products would also be available at retail stores and discounted stores so that it would be bot limited to one location, rather whole state is benefited.

Vision statement

The cyclone tire company aims to provide best service to customers by designing high quality tires for every vehicle type existing in California so that would help them the city fellows to run their vehicle smoother and faster.

The motto of the company states: “strong grip, faster ride”

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the company is: “Cyclone Tires aims to facilitate the customer with strong tire grip to drive faster and safer towards their destinations. The company also aims to offer increased tire life so to increase product reliability.”

Key success factors

The key success factors of the company help it to achieve its aims and objectives described as mission and vision of the company. Moreover, these success factors allows the Cyclone tires to compete strongly with other competitors. These success factors are described as under:

  • The higher distribution sources such as retail stores, wholesale stores, and company’s own distribution center as well as online and phone calls orders are also accepted which would help the company to increase its sales.
  • The company serves with many facilitations, such as manufacturing, selling and distributing as well as after sales service that would allow the company to have cost saving distribution rather than only manufacturing or only selling will cost comparatively higher.
  • As the company is operating in capital intensive industry, high technology power and advanced machineries are used in order to manufacture high quality tires that would satisfy the customers need.
  • The company has wider vertical integration such as it is manufacturing, selling and facilitating customer service.
  • The company possess limited production capability as it is about to initiate. However it will increase as the time passes by.

Legal structure of business

Cyclone Tire Company is a partnership business which consists of two partners serving as president and Chief Operating Officer. The two partners are named as John J. Crew and Peter Arnell. John is acting as president and Arnell would be working as Chief Operating Officer. Starting business in a partnership has many benefits. As the manufacturing tire company requires larger amount of investment, therefore, in partnership it would be divided between two people. Moreover, the partnership business also saves the tax if the company is not able to pay. Therefore, the company was chosen to be form under partnership business.

The above designed business structure helps to understand the structure that would be using to operate the businesses. All the operations would be held under President, John J. Crew. The departments includes Procurement department, Production Department, Quality control Department, Sales Department, Marketing Department and Customers service department. These departments will work together and the results would be generated based on the efficiency of their operations.

The Procurement department only has one employee which is a Purchasing Officer; the Manufacturing department has 5 employees, 1 Production Manager and 4 Production Workers. The Production Workers will report to the Production Manager who will report to the COO. The Sales department will only have one employee which is a Sales Associate; the Customer Service department will have only one employee who is a service man. Cyclone Tire Company is starting its operations with a total of 12 employees.

Procurement department would be working on purchasing raw material from suppliers. As it is being initiated therefore, different suppliers would be tested in order to consequent the best supplier with high quality raw materials in lowest prices. The main goal of this department would be selecting different suppliers in order to get highest quality material.

There would be 4 employees working under manufacturing department. This department would be manufacturing different tires. Moreover, the number of employees under this department would be hired with the increase in demands and production requirements. The manufacturing would be done through machineries therefore, all the employees would be working technically and technology experts.

Quality control department would be working after manufacturing of tires. This department would be checking if the manufacturing is done in an appropriate manner and in the right way. Moreover, if there would be any fault in manufacturing, this department would sent it back in order to deliver high quality products to the customers.

Sales department would be responsible for sales delivery to customers in timely-manner..................

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