Signet Banking–Partnership Dynamics Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In autumn 1991, the ring was just recovering from the downturn in the real estate market of the late 1980's. In order to improve business performance in processing huge amounts of information ring was keeping, especially in light of its new credit card business, Signet has decided to source all product information on the type of activity. Signet goal is to create a standardized, reliable, enterprise-wide outsourcing processing system. Given the amount of this style of work, which the system ABC information was already doing much more to banking institutions, Signet is believed that they will be perfect for capturing technology organizations already far down the learning curve.
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by Lawrence G. Muller Source: Darden School of Business 2 pages. Publication Date: March 31, 1999. Prod. #: UV0629-PDF-ENG

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Signet Banking–Partnership Dynamics

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