Creating a team value system Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Creating a team value system Case Study Solution

How does the current team environment enable or challenge the process defined by the Vsys?

In manager-led teams, there is a manager who starts the process by asking each nurse in a team about their values. No doubt that manager also influences the individual answer either he/she knows it or not.

The manager can enable the nurses to identify their values through the process defined by the value accountability system.

The manager can work as a leader to lead the nurses in a team to identify each nurse values.

How challenging was it to ask about the values of your peers?

No doubt in that, it must be challenging if any peer or manager ask about the values of nurses in a team, most of the people do not want to talk about their values in an open environment or some people do not know what their values are. In a manager-led, it is the responsibility of a manager to motivate the nurses so that they can share their values with a team and a manager can start the process of value accountability system.

There will be a challenge for each nurse to define and know the meaning of each value.

How much agreement did you find on the surface of the values (level of individual congruence)

Individual congruence defines as the decision process that a nurse in a team takes to merge their values and action with the specific situation. In reviewing the decision processes, an individual can find an unpredictably high level of insentient decision-making that may or may not be in an agreement with the explicit values.

How many differences were there in the interpretations of the same values?

In the event of a situation that engages opposing values, an internal warfare breaks out. This war creates unnecessary stress and self-doubt that has a tremendous negative impact in the long run

No doubt in that, a difference exists in the interpretation and definition of the same values, every individual lives and communicates with different people, and also belongs to different communities and interpretations of the values depending upon the communications with the diverse people and in which society the individual belongs to.

While most individual values system contains a prioritization of specific values, many people possess contradictory values. (Sun, 2007)

Were there any major surprises? Explain

The major surprise was the impact of individual values on the organization as a whole.

Thousands of employees work in an organization and every employee has the different values and when there is internal warfare between the individual values then it results in the reduction in the efficiency of the operations.

How challenging was the process of coming to a consensus on top values shared by the team?

No doubt in that the process of reaching to the consensus on top values was a bit challenging in a way that different team members have different values and in the manager-led teams it was a bit difficult for the manager to sum up all the values of each nurse and reach the consensus on the top values.

Globalization plays an important role in reaching to the consensus of top values shared by the team, as in the developed countries, employees belongs to different communities but they work in one team or in one organization, so in the manager led-teams, it must be challenging for the leader to reduce the affect the globalization and reach to the consensus of top values shared by the team.  (Sun, 2007)

Everyone has their own meaning and definition of value, so the same value would be defined as differently by the different individuals. (Yang, 2010)

So it was a bit challenging for the leader to come to the consensus.

How do the values reflect team norms?

Team norms are informal, often implicit standards of behavior in a team that develops from the interactions of the group. In the team interactions, each nurse in a team defines its values and based on that values team norms are set.

Such as time punctuality can be the individual values and that will reflect the team norm of the start of the meetings on time. (SarahMalayaSniezek, 2007.)................

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